Incredible Diversity

There is a stunning array of edible ingredients among Thailand’s flora and fauna, both cultivated and wild. The study of traditional Thai food ingredients must encompass modern cultivation sciences as well as inherited indigenous knowledge about harvesting, foraging, preparing and preserving these ingredients. This rare knowledge has been collected and transferred through the generations. It is a depth of experience ingrained in the Thai mindset and culture.

Traditional Thai Food Ingredients

The blending and juxaposition of ingredients in so many Thai recipes is complex and palate-provoking, with intricate layerings of taste, texture, and visual appeal. It is all the more astounding when viewed through the modern scientific culinary lens, considering the incredible results possible once the historical ingredients are studied and thoroughly understood.

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Foraging, Cultivation, Angling and Husbandry

Our constantly growing online catalog of traditional Thai food ingredients includes plants and proteins across many categorizations.

We break down our recipes by region and cooking style, while our ingredients are arranged specifically according to environment and whether they are cultivated, or gathered through foraging.

Foraged ingredients include a large variety of edible wild herbs, roots, plants, vegetables, leaves and blossoms. Cultivation also delivers an incredible variety of nutritious ingredients with long histories, grown by regional farms local to northern Thailand, Issan, the central plain and the South.

The Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand provide a plentiful rich supply of fresh seafood and sea plants such as kelp and grape seaweed.

Enjoy your journey as you explore the delicious variety possible with traditional Thai food ingredients!

This catalog will continue to grow in depth and breadth as we continue to publish more of the delicious, emotionally provocative dishes Chef Khun Bee develops in the field and in our kitchens at Paste Bangkok.

We will be be proud to have you share these nuggets of culinary knowledge on social media, and please feel free to direct any observations and questions to us!