The rivers of Thailand clearly played a vital role in the history and culture of Thailand, but they also produce a overwhelming supply of plant and animal ingredients that are used across Thai Cuisine.Tender freshwater Pla Chorn and firm-fleshed catfish saturate Thai cuisine. From briny, umami-rich crabs to lotus plant and dozens of aquatics herbs and leafy greens such as the nutty Water Mimosa, the rivers provide unlimited flavor and texture combinations.

Thai diners from the farm to the palace are absolutely seduced by the firm flesh and delicate flavors of river prawns. As the crowning element in made-to-order Tom Yom Goong, or simply steamed with river herbs and served with spicy, powerful nahm jim and steamed jasmine rice,  they are an indomitable delicacy, and most certainly the kings of river ingredients.

While most aquatic vegetables are cultivated now, they still flourish in the canals and rivers that weave endlessly throughout the provinces of Thailand, and serve as a free, sustainable cornerstone of countryside. The experienced Thai cook always separates land and water edible plants in their culinary philosophy. Every visitor to Thailand owes it to themselves to experience the incredible variety and freshness of these fresh-water ingredients.

Rivers (แม่น้ำ) Recipes