Plant gathering is mainly known and understood within the more rural, less privileged areas of Thailand. For obvious reasons of time efficiency, distribution and predictable supply, municipal areas tend to consume a higher percentage of cultivated produce. But along with healthier and much tastier organic cultivation methods, foraged wild ingredients are beginning to win their way back. There are in fact, some beautiful dishes which indeed cannot exist without wild, foraged ingredients.

Wild food knowledge has persisted, even in the ages of agriculture. It is a sacred, fresh forest food vault which sustains during travel and exploration, supplements and freshens otherwise monotonous staples, and serves as a life-saving source during times of crop failure.

Regrettably, deforestation has not only had a major effect on the flora and fauna itself, but also the noble caretakers who possess and must pass on the valuable knowledge and traditions of wild plant-based cuisine.

Wild produce is extremely rich in flavor, vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Synthetic pharmaceutical drugs can never match the natural remedies and nutritive value contained in wild produce. It is our great hope that the renewed interest in them allows them to flourish in the future. It would be a great pity that they are neglected and relegated to ignorance.

We intend to do our very best to ensure that the foraging and preparation  techniques endure, and that those tastes are neither lost nor forgotten.

Wild (ของป่าหรือของที่ขึ้นเองตามธรรมชาติ) Recipes